The Festival was a struggle in the preparation, the boys were busy and in the age of Covid when everyone is afraid to do a proper tournament, they scored a week-long festival which culminated in the €300,000 GTD main event. It reminded me of the good old days when I was a Unibet Ambassador and such festivals were a regular part of my life, which can be translated as great tournaments, parties, a lot of alcohol and lots and lots of funny stories

On Thursday, I meet with part of my Czech crew and we go to the center for a beer. Everyone praises that there is something to do here apart from another worst located casinos. We are led by the mighty Káčer, who is a well-known gourmet, the owner of a craft brewery and, recently, also a lover of meat from new special restaurant “Meat from Roman”. Honestly beer place was a huge mess, but they had a great fruit beer 16%. After two, my eyes started to cross and because Čeky didn’t have a jacket, he started a protest retreat back to the casino.

Furthermore, I only know it from talking. The boys had a few more beers, there was karaoke, they gave a few fire waters, a few beers, a few fire waters. Somehow they alive (fucking bastards : ) hatched at the hotel, but it was found that Špaldič was not at breakfast and does not respond to the phone. In the afternoon in an advanced class, he suddenly appears and when asked where he was, he says: “Bratislava swallowed me” ? Evil tongues claim that he was sleeping somewhere in the “field” but that’s disgusting slanderers ?

Špaldič is the king in poker and additional casino sports as I had the honor to find out. Multitabling main event and roulette tournament! ?, he crushed cash games, slots, Ultimate poker and just drank about 30 beers in one evening. One waitress commented with the words “I’ve never seen that in my life” And she probably meant the number of beers drunk and not his “small Špaldič” ?

Our mighty Káčer was also not afraid of it at all and when he adjusts his VPIP playing as drunk as a Russian with our one of the best poker player Blaško, it will definitely “be good” ? My other Czech friends were also not far behind and so it was a very fun night with alternate successes. Me, Špaldič and mighty Káčer advanced in the main event to final day, unfortunately the others did not go as expected. We fired 550€ bullets bullets as Winnetou had arrows 🙂

DAY 2 in the main event tournament and the arrival of other cash game expeditions

Classically, we were discouraged in the tournament, made it at least to ITM and in a span of 5 minutes we ranked somewhere between 60-70 for mincash 1.000€. The only thing that cheered me up was when Špaldič shot out of the tournament just before ITM Blaško, 44 vs A7s, an ace turned on the river ?. And the mighty Káčer, who could be heard throughout the hall, honestly followed the drinking – read beer regimen and waved to us across the hall like.

Cash game expeditions have mostly been great successes, some I have permission to write about and some I don’t. A large expedition from a beautiful mining won on Holdem cash games tables and everyone reported huge winnings. The powerful expedition from one northern city was so playful that they played 5-card Omaha with the northerners friends on three boards and the 7 card was a joker or something ? but lost a lot of money. They had a lot of fun, at least if not the most. Among others, most of my former Unibet poker team arrived and so on ? Guys, I was very happy to see you again after years!

Bafo is a Poprad magician, from 1k to 9k in 2/2€ Omaha in hour

Bafo, my friend from the old days poured a couple of bottles of wine into the northerners there, and then Poprad’s hard hand fell on them, taxing them as the law dictates ? The next day, he just barked contentedly on his ass and counted money:)

See ya in Bratislava my friends

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Sám sebe pánom. Verím v dobro, konám dobro. za dobré sa odplácam dobrým a za zlé ešte horšim....


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