Behind the seven mountains, the seven rivers and the shorter plane, there is a tiny country of Estonia with its beautiful, medieval capital Tallin. I love similar places and as long as the rest of our Slovak expedition slept I have been discovering magical and mysterious places in Tallin since morning. I love the city and I will definitely return there next time with a large Czech-Slovak expedition because the combination of a great poker festival, cash games, pleasant people and a beautiful city is what I have been when I have been an embassy and always attracts and always attracts.

The Festival Poker

In the Main Event with a buy of another 550 € I was totally Card Dead and when I flopol full house so it was done. The only thing it is worth noting from this tournament is my pleasant company Seat on the left and Seat on the right. On the left was a lady from China who have been living in Finland for some time and Lucky George called her during one cash game session “Miss China”. On the right was a lady from Spain who has been living in Sweden for some time. And so far I dream of her bluff at me when she blinked at Jane The Fish and sent me to the Rivri All in S 8 High. I had a suspicion and the desire to check it, but I didn’t find the courage to call. WELL Played Madam!

Pokerlistings 250 € Buy in was a decent roller coaster for me. I dropped to 10k to get off at the same level at 140k, which was 2.5 times the Average at that time. But the lost 2 flips returned me from my dreams where I have already reached the trophy to hard reality like Morfeus Nea in Matrix with his pill. It was deliberately blue or red? :). However, once and again I was lucky for a super pleasant table and people on it. 2 gentlemen from Valencia and Barcelona who are already looking forward to Bratislava for the next The Festival 500.000 € GTD, Mr. Sweden who took a substantial part of the honest stolen stack but it was a pleasant companion and a big Fanda Tottenham Hotspur fc whose name from the old time was tattooed tattooed On my left hand, a few cash Games pros with which we agreed to show them the secret corners of magic Bratislava.

Factor Franke + factor The Festival Staff

You can hate him, you can love him, but everyone has to admit that Franke is simply Robocop and is the soul of the whole festival and without it the festival can hardly imagine. He wandered in the tournament part, wandered in casino, giving away money, smiles and good mood on cash game, ordered drinks at the bar, advised, directed. He regretted at Bad Beatoch… Franke you have my unwanted admiration because as one of the few I know how extremely difficult it is to do what you do during the festival. I would also like to appreciate the whole Staff The Festival, led by a super professional poker team. Lady Aliis, who took a million photos during the festival and then she was still editing them in the morning, Lady Christel, who, as a media manager, fulfilled her duties to 120% and when I left as a gesture and friendship I gave her my Banco Casino sweatshirt.

Patrisha factor

We will not lie, the nice poker reporters in our Fishy Ocean is really a lot but I have not seen someone like a patris who with his approach to work, always a good mood and charisma brightly lit every place where she entered. I admit that I was a little jealous of her because my Jane The Fish loved her from the first second and the girls were really close to each other as it is apparent from the photos ?

As we and Jane The Fish went to trigger an uprising before the Russian embassy

Dušan my friend, an excellent cash game regular, who came to me for the last days to crush cash game, I announced one morning after a party that we were going with Jane The Fish to evoke an uprising before the Russian Embassy. He just laughed but the laughter then passed him when he saw Čky’s tricky in front of the police patrol who guarded the embassy for deploying a veil and threatened with a fist along with Jane The Fish, who threatened them with her fins. Certainly they fell up there from fear ? I have another funny story with Dušek. It is an orderly Hišík, and like M´j guest in Hilton on 9 floors, he did not hesitate and immediately swept me that I have socks on the ground and I do not have shirts stored as in war ?

Crazy 25 -hour journey home or not shout hop until you are really home

The journey home to Slovakia to Banská Bystrica lasted 25 hours and it is one of the craziest stories I have ever experienced. The whole Slovak expedition flew directly from Vienna to Tallin just I flew back there with a transfer and a few hours waiting in Riga. On the way back in Riga I inadvertently found myself in Matrix. My flight to Vienna was late for 2 hours (Fuck Off Air Baltic) and so I had 7 hours time. I chose to see Riga and the beach. Jane The Fish wanted to have photos from there, and as a gentleman I went to the sea to fulfill her wish. However, the latter of my inattention was used by the local “kmíni” readers and their magnifying glass certainly pleased mega. 5 € in cash and my travel tablet that has been fed by Fred Flinston and a stone time. However, it was a little shouted and so when I went to the airport and on the way I met a police patrol so I had a powerful need to criticize the work of the Police Corps in Riga. They had no sense of humor, and in return they had a powerful need to escort me in a police car to the police station to give an explanation. When I finally got to the airport I was late for 4 minutes and “Gate Closed”. The aircraft there, the passenger ramp, the luggage was still loaded but I was not allowed on the plane. (Fuck Off Air Baltic). They asked for 380 € for waking up the tickets, so I sent them in Slovak easier and pulled the rescue operation. With another company I flew to Krakow in Poland and from there I went by bus for 5 hours to my hometown. This adventurous journey took 25 hours and then I found everything I had in front of my apartment that I had no keys because they stayed in my car in Bratislava. You won’t invent this ?

The king is dead to live the king. The festival 500.000 € GTD in Banco Casino Bratislava knocks on the door

This will be a ride on which you just want to be. Great tournaments for very acceptable Buy Ins, care, service, intergalactic cash games, beautiful and safe city.

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