Wherever there was, behind the seven mountains and seven rivers, there is a magical country, and let’s just call it Slovakia. In this magical land, everyone who has any connection to “our man” is doing intergalactically well and throwing bones to the officials because they don’t look where they should for a moment. Well, in this magical land, in the dark ages x years ago, when dinosaurs still walked the earth and when you needed to put a boat in the harbor, a cake in the oven, a hand in the sleeve, you simply hit girl on the head with a club and dragged it to the cave :). In these ancient god-forgotten times, Čeky discovered poker. But don’t expect any romance. In the evening, I triumphantly installed poker client and equipped with knowledge from the movie Maverick with Mel Gibson, went into battle. As you can probably guess, after a few hours of intensive playing, I drained my entire account in the poker client in the amount of approximately 100,000 Czech crowns. But I am a playful, composed and stubborn person, I immediately understood two things. The first one was that I play against real people from all over the world and not against a system that is impossible to beat such as roulette. And the second, that by honest education, reading professional literature and self-development, I should work to a level from which I will defeat other players at the table.

And suddenly be light! Of course, in a very simplified way and as it happens in life, when you work hard, you try, even the proverbial Czech luck will find you. And why Czech? Because for almost my entire career, I had the honor of working with top people on the market, such as: Láďa W. (Unibet), Ondřej D. (PokerStars), Pavel Novotný (chief of main czech boulevard, mayor of Prague-Řeporyje and etc…

But I digressed a bit, let’s go back to Unibet. Unibet, as a Swedish predatory company that was and still is TOP 5 in the world, correctly decided to ride on the global boom called poker and, unlike the competition, was willing to do something more than pay for an overpriced banner on cz/sk poker websites and hired a really top cz /sk country manager. At the same time, came up with the Unibet Ambassador project. In each country in which they were interested, they found their Unibet Ambassador and he or she then assembled his or her team. Well, I’ll tell you right off the bat that it was a divine project. Four years they took care of me as a rock star. They paid me 4x a year Unibet open with buy other €1,650, 4 nights at the Hilton hotel, 2x air tickets for me, my ex-girlfriend, breakfast, lunch, dinner, €500 in pocket money so that I could have a raspberry and play additional “sports” in the casino and of course some monthly salary. Just when I once thought that I would like to fly to tournaments in a private jet like King Leon and in the company of majorettes like the Wolf of Wall Street, after a few days of hard thinking, a resolute NO PETER came from Stockholm! ? Destinations like Barcelona, ​​Prague, Milan, Campione, etc. were also not to be thrown away. So mainly for my ex-girlfriend who always woke me up in the morning after about an hour’s sleep, took me by the half-dead hand to breakfast and then unfailingly guided me around local monuments and interesting places with a map in hand. My favorite was always Barcelona, ​​because when she stopped paying attention, I always managed to refresh the throat of a tired pilgrim with some Sangria. Honestly, I enjoyed it and enjoyed it because I like art and history. This project was completed after a few years, as it successfully fulfilled its purpose, namely brand building of the Unibet brand. A legend from Stockholm says that when Unibet’s CEO, chosen by the gods, the Nordic gambling king had a financial audit done years later and saw the red numbers, his desperate scream could be heard across the sea to Finland ?

How the police arrested me at the Unibet party!

Every Unibet Open included a Unibet players party. The players, their long-legged entourage and the lucky ones who slipped there in the dark found themselves in an alcoholic paradise, and alcohol was applied as if the end of the world would come in an hour. Unibet, in its charity, always left us an open account in the amount of €10,000 at the bar, saying that it should last until the morning, and if it happened to be drunk earlier, then the drinks at the bar were already paid for. But they obviously did not expect that latent alcoholics from Eastern Europe and Vikings from Northern Europe would join forces. I won’t stress you out. We set a record in Budapest where we drank €10,000 in 47 minutes :). By the way, I was SUPPOSED to have been taken away from that party by the security guards, escorted to the hotel by the Hungarian police, in the morning I woke up to Huron laughter. I’m lying in the corridor of the hotel in front of our room on the mat like a dog in a jacket with his ears covered, several Japanese tourists are furiously taking pictures of me, and in the background my team member at the time, Mr. Jurga, is laughing at it all. Just for illustration, it was the Sofitel hotel in the center, where the night cost €300, an original World War 1 biplane was hanging down in the lobby, and we had a personal chef at each table for breakfast! And there were bottles of French champagne stuck in the crushed ice. It is probably unnecessary to write that when our Viking-Eastern European mixed breed rolled in for breakfast, the champagne disappeared in our mouths before you could finish reading this blog. Unfortunately, due to the privacy of my companions at the time, other events cannot be published.

How Unibet accommodated me in a whore house

Let’s get to the most legendary event of all. One Unibet Open was held in Campione di italia. It is a duty free zone which is a small village with a monstrous gigantic casino. When we first saw it, we were all blown away. A private parking lot where only Lambas, Ferraris, and Rolls Royces stood was a matter of course. Since accommodation is very limited right in the village, Unibet found us a hotel in Lugano, which was a few kilometers as the crow flies, but across Lago di Lugano, i.e. across a large lake. And I watched as the man charged us €50 for a water taxi in a few minutes. So I’m going to enjoy a nice sunny day with my Czech-Slovak gang and we’ll arrive at the hotel. Boal is a historical building in the city center, about 4 floors. We will give passports at the reception to a gentleman who was about 128 years old and speed was not exactly his strong point. There I noticed an inconspicuous door and above it the inscription night bar. I order that we go for a drink before the living mummy checks in. We fly in, sit down, and then I look at the bar and about 25 blonde supermodels in their underwear are smiling at us. Boom Čeky good evening, some elf just lit up my brain and I put together a night bar sign and 25 angels on the bar. The waitress came, we ordered 4 times Jack and then the elf flashed in my head a second time. Checks, my dear, look at the price list. 0.04 Jacka cost a pleasant 28 swiss francs. When the waitress asked if we wanted to order something for the ladies as well, a chorus of “NOOOO, FOR GOD’S” rang out from the throats of my companions :). So we paid and went to sleep.

In the tournament, I was classically unlucky and I think I was eliminated around 16th place, which was something around €5,500. But we did better at the local high stakes cash game. When the local millionaires heard that we were guys from exotic Eastern Europe from some Czechoslovakia, they started playing with the cards turned over so that we could see them. We did a short process with the dreams. When it started to cost them money and they wanted to play “normally”, we got up, wished them a nice evening and moved to the night bar with the speed of Speedy Gonzales, that we have to celebrate. When we told the waitress that we were celebrating big wins in the casino and we were going to start a bottle of champagne, her eyes just lit up. When she brought another bottle, she asked if we would also order something for the ladies, and if so, which ones. Emboldened by fucking expensive bubbles, we chose partners for polite conversation. I found out that all 25 ladies at the bar were Russian or Ukrainian. And when, after a few bottles of champagne and one Jack, one Russian and one Ukrainian showed us what true Ukrainian-Russian female friendship looks like, not one eye remained dry from the emotion :). But we sobered up very quickly when the alcohol bill arrived – a little over 3,500 CHF… but since the bills were still warm from the cash game from the millionaires, we just moved them further within the economy. We said goodbye and went to sleep. Anyone who claims otherwise is a nasty liar, a liar, a scumbag, and I wish he would grow gills by morning ?

Of course, this 4-year turbulent period also took its toll. Thus, 30 kg of excess weight, a very warm relationship with alcohol, etc. I spent 4 years getting myself together after this life ride. But you know what? I don’t regret a single second of those four years because these intergalactic experiences will last a lifetime.

After year when I quit my poker pro life style 🙂


I would like to take this opportunity to once again and this time publicly thank Unibet for this wonderful period of my life, the incredibly nice and well-founded staff from Unibet at Unibet Opens and at that time Unibet country manager Láď Wiedermann. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

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